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The Grapevine House offers individuals working through their recovery a safe environment to work on their sobriety and regain their independence before entering back into the ‘real world’. When working through an addiction it is important not to rush back out into the general population, for some this can trigger the addiction and result in relapse. At The Grapevine House any and all issues are addressed and the staff makes sure the individual is ready to handle the stress of the real world with strength as well as having the independence to care for themselves and maintain sober living.



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We are here to offer a safe and smooth transition from treatment to sober living. Our program is here to help you learn how to stay sober. We also encourage you use our aftercare relapse prevention programs .

The Grapevine Family

At The Grapevine House, we are more than your average sober living facility. We take a hands on approach with each and every client, ensuring a unique, personalized experience. From transportation in our Mercedes van to housing units with plasma TV’s and free Wi-Fi, you are given personal freedom while still receiving the assistance you need to beat your addiction and keep your life on the right track.

Sober Living with Perks!

All of our guests expierence life when living at Grapevine. We provide transportation to and from a variety of activities such as the gym, nearby beaches, shopping and more. Give us a call today and let's discuss your accomdations with Grapevine.

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Luxury Transportation Service

What’s nerby:
  • Many job opportunities
  • 12step meetings
  • Public transportation
  • The beach
  • The gym
  • Local churches and temples
  • Many hair and nail salons

Our Services

The Grapevine House is much more than just a sober living facility, we also offer a wide array of professional addiction services to our guests. We accept all major insurance, often times at no out of pocket cost to you.

  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP)
  • Outpatient (OP)
  • Group Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Individual Therapy

Help a Loved One

Do you have a family member or friend who could benefit from living in a halfway house? If so, helping him or her enroll at The Grapevine House is the first step towards a better life.

At The Grapevine House, our goal is to help your loved one heal through personalized service and high quality treatment and care. It is our goal to do whatever it takes to assist your loved one on the road to recovery.

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Clients Come First

There are many reasons why The Grapevine House is known as one of the best sober living facilities in the country, however, nothing is more important than our dedication to our clients. Each guest is provided with the tools and assistance they need to beat their addiction and regain control of their life.